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Seeing the value in yourself, in your work, then creating a story that resonates with a proper selection of clients will give you a sense of fulfillment. It will nurture your passion.

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6 essential modules for a profitable and creative business.

In today’s economy, potential clients when confronted with so many options, including the cheapest price, start looking for value before a decision is made to hire you. Know how to value yourself and your services will position you in the right market place.

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How would you like to get rewarded correctly for the efforts you invest? This means making money not only to survive but to prosper. After all, it’s your quality of life and that of your family that is at stake here.

Learning the basics to be profitable and knowing how to price your talent is crucial.

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Would you like to get more clients? It’s not easy to get clients when the basics of marketing are not mastered. This module covers so many details to confirm your brand and this is how potential clients will be attracted to you.

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You don’t sell, you help people buy! It is a process. It can be learned. You need to know these techniques to reach your business goals. Along with knowing how to price your talent, this System will definitely pay for itself numerous times in the immediate and long term future.

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Do you get repeat business from your clients? What do clients say about you to their colleagues, friends and family? It’s great to get clients but keeping them is the key to developing a prosperous and long-lasting business.

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Do you feel overwhelmed with work? How much time do you spend with your loved ones? Not enough I’ll bet.

Being organized is what will bring you the full benefits of your passion for photography. Being in control will absolutely impress your clients and they will be the source of your growth.

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Practical exercices

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Meet the experts

Because it’s not all business… Unique on the PhotoCoachonline website, you have access to a growing Team of Experts of various specialties. Each person has a distinct signature to propose; special programs to bring you and your skills to a higher level. Pick your expert and set yourself apart from the crowd.

Andre Amyot

Andre Amyot


Benoit Legault

Benoit Legault

Affiliate expert

Louise & Joseph Simone

Louise & Joseph Simone

Affiliate expert

Andrew William Simpson

Andrew William Simpson

Affiliate expert

Andrew Simpson

Andrew Simpson

Affiliate expert

Laforest & Sabourin

Laforest & Sabourin

Affiliate expert

Frances Litman

“Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge. If I had this knowledge early in my business, I would have saved years in learning the business the hard way. Thanks for being so open to everyone’s questions and answers.”

Frances Litman, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Meggan Harper

Skill and Passion of Photography, is not enough.

After I left this program, I was inspired, I was excited… We became a profitable photography studio even if we’ve only been in business for 3 years…

Meggan Harper, Florida, USA

Stuart Kasdorf

I can say this about your program. I came expecting some tools to “tune up,” and you have provided what appears to be a “blood transfusional” experience.

Stuart Kasdorf, Saskatoon, SK, Canada

Brian K. Smith

Vancouver-born photographer, Brian K. Smith, began capturing the world as a 10-year-old with a simple point and shoot camera. It was not long after that he was drawn to more sophisticated 35mm cameras and the magic of the darkroom – a world soaked in amber light where life’s fleeting moments could be reproduced in black and white.

Brian K. Smith, Vancouver, Canada

Carol Walker

The business of photography… Business is not sexy, not exciting. It’s not something that I would typically gravitate towards especially as a photographer. It’s not the artistic side of the brain; so that’s why I knew this is exactly what I needed because owning a photography studio, is 80% business, 20% photography.

Carol Walker, Tampa, Florida, USA



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