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Seeing the value in yourself, in your work, then creating a story that resonates with a proper selection of clients will give you a sense of fulfillment.
It will nurture your passion.

The Photocoach online “Core” System is:


An online business system designed specifically for professional photographers
both seasoned and beginners who are seeking solutions to their business problems.

After 17 years of live workshop teaching to over 1300 photographers in North America and Europe, Andre is now sharing the Photocoach System online
Kim Riley

Thanks for empowering us with the knowledge, tools and support to take us to the next level in our business. You make business fun!

Kim Riley Kim Riley Photography | Kingwood, Texas, USA

New to the industry of photography I wanted to start the right way… I knew how to sell it but I wanted to sell it the right way. Did not want to play catch up later. So the business part of it, became a necessity for me. I would not be in business if I…

Melissa Sewell, Florida, USA

Vancouver-born photographer, Brian K. Smith, began capturing the world as a 10-year-old with a simple point and shoot camera. It was not long after that he was drawn to more sophisticated 35mm cameras and the magic of the darkroom – a world soaked in amber light where life’s fleeting moments could be reproduced in black…

Stuart Kasdorf

I can say this about your program. I came expecting some tools to “tune up,” and you have provided what appears to be a “blood transfusional” experience.

Stuart Kasdorf Stuart Kasdorf Photographics | Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Yann Deschepper

The Ultimate experience! I never had to process so much business information per minute.

Skill and Passion of Photography, is not enough. After I left this program, I was inspired, I was excited…We became a profitable photography studio even if we’ve only been in business for 3 years… … I really analyze if this is in line with what I want to do with my business… I’ll take a…

I’m overwhelmed! Can’t wait to get to implement it when I get home. So many insights.

Roger and Lianne Sands

This program is a “must” for everyone, beginner or experienced, who is serious about their photography business. Anyone in doubt can contact me for a personal, one-on-one endorsement.

Lianne Sands Arranel Studios | Smith Falls, Ontario, Canada

Need to learn more about your business in photography! I was, I hate to say it, very, very ignorant about my business. I knew nothing about business. When I left the class, I was excited. I was scared. A tiny way overwhelmed as I did not believe I could do it. I knew that I…

Martin Gudz

Absolutely phenomenal. A must for every photographer to refresh your attitude and soul.

Martin Gudz Tudor Rose Photography | Madison, Florida, USA
Lieve Goosens

Just WOW! I did not know what to expect but it was more than I could imagine. I admit, it frightens me but I know I will. Thank you Andre, I feel you are one of us.

The business of photography …Business is not sexy, not exciting. It’s not something that I would typically gravitate towards especially as a photographer. It’s not the artistic side of the brain; so that’s why I knew this is exactly what I needed because owning a photography studio, is 80% business, 20% photography. This is why…

Frances Litman

Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge. If I had this knowledge early in my business, I would have saved years in learning the business the hard way. Thanks for being so open to everyone’s questions and answers.

Frances Litman Frances Litman Photography | Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Carol Walker
Tampa Florida USA

What is so different? Most training sessions will tell you WHAT to do.

We go a lot further by showing you HOW to do it.

Learn from lifetime experience
Learn from
lifetime experience

5 to 15 min per day
10 to 20 min per day

Master your business in 150 days
Master your business
in 180 days

Listen to Andre virtually each two weeks on Facebook
Listen to Andre
or our Experts
on Facebook

This is an innovative way for you to finally generate real money with your talent, your creativity.
One day at a time, one client at a time.

With the PhotoCoachonline System, two simple pricing methods: