10 ideas to remain creative in your photography business

Artists are known for their creativity at least that’s what most people think.

The reality is, we all have our ups and downs. Our biggest challenge is to keep the fire burning.
Some will say it’s really not easy in these economic times but in spite of that,
we have to push ahead if we want to keep our edge in this competitive market.

So how do we cultivate, how do we feed creativity? We use all the
small daily tasks that we need to do anyway.

Check out these ideas, if you combine them with what you are learning at different affiliate
schools, think of the energy boost you’ll get.

10 concepts to remain creative

1.Take notes: Carry a notebook or a small camera to document advertising words, (billboard, tv
ads etc) images that are designed to create emotions, make us take action etc.
Build a creative file and once a month, go over it and give yourself a challenge to come up with a new image.

2.Be on the lookout: We are surrounded with beautiful examples of what we try to sell to our
clients: emotions.T.V commercials, social media posts, radio ads, magazine ads, etc. Check out
the most unusual places for inspiration. Keep your brain’s eyes open.

3.Brand innovation: How can you improve how clients perceive you? Look at it from a different
angle; put your own twist to it.

4.New perspective: Have you ever asked yourself how your client reacts to whatever you do? If
you were to look at your products, your customer service from their perspective, how would
you react? Each time I buy something, I am on the lookout for
the unusual (good) customer service.

5.Work as a team: Many artists feel they must work alone in order to be creative. Create a
mastermind group with whom you will communicate at least, once a month to generate
innovation. Each member of the team will feel part of the studio’s evolution.

6.Read more: Stimulate your brain with good books. Exemple:”Jump Start Your Brain“, by Doug Hall, “The Artist’s Way“, by Julia Cameron. Also, register on creative blogs.
Seth Godin has an amazing one.

7.Fail: Don’t be afraid to fail. Out of the biggest failures come even bigger successes. If you wait
until all is perfect before kicking into gear, you’ll never leave the starting blocks. Get going, NOW!

8.Be a kid again: remember when you were a kid! Nothing could scare you. Don’t let fear get in
the way. What would be the most dramatic outcome? Making a mistake! Control that inner
voice and be a kid again.

9.Take a break: Photographers work countless hours and still think they remain creative. Not so.
We all need regular breaks and holidays are not a luxury but a necessity. Long weekends are not
enough. You know how you feel when you get back from an amazing holiday.
By the way, leave the computer at home.

10.Learn, learn, learn: This profession is in constant evolution, we all know that. So, staying on top of the game is a must. More than ever, we can choose amongst many different educational
programs to improve our return on investment. More creativity in business = higher profits.

“To get what you’ve never had, you must do what you’ve never done”

Harvey Mackay

Andre Amyot, otherwise known as the PhotoCoach, offers his training and coaching services to professional photographers since the year 2000. Before this, he was the owner of one of the largest commercial studios in Quebec, Canada for 25 years. His business generated more than $1,8 million sales. Today, Andre offers a new Photocoach online Business System. It delivers to professional photographers the much needed solutions to reach their own level of success.

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