Professional Association

Your mission is helping your members develop their craft and business skills. Directing them towards the best educational channels fulfills this commitment. This will also ensure a constant growth of your association, year after year.


PhotoCoachonline affiliate program is designed to give you amazing options towards valuable training technical and business training. Members will see the real value of belonging to your association while bringing their talent and business results to a higher level.


The PhotoCoachonline affiliate program is designed to offer a financial return to your association or to your members for every purchase of the PhotoCoachonline business “Core” system and selected technical educational programs*. You can either keep the commission, pass it on to your members or split it with your members.

For your association, it is an additional fund-raising opportunity.


Please read the following instructions to understand the mutual arrangements.

PhotoCoach International:

  • PhotoCoach International will provide each affiliate association with the necessary documents and promotional banner to be placed on the association’s website and social media.

  • PhotoCoach International will also place on our website, the names of our affiliate partners so we can all cross-promote.

  • PhotoCoach International will publish: blogs, newsletters and new educational content of various subjects relating to professional photography on a regular basis.

  • PhotoCoach International Team members are available for mutual collaboration for your events, social media messages, educational blogs, etc.

  • PhotoCoach International will provide a 15% commission on purchases of the PhotoCoach International business material*.

  • PhotoCoach International will provide a link for affiliate associations to monitor their eventual commissions.

  • Payments of commissions will be made within 45 days of purchase as we offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

  • In the event of a possible withdrawal for this agreement, PhotoCoach International allows any affiliate association to cancel this agreement with a 30-day notice.

The Affiliate partner: Association

* The affiliate association will post on its website and or social media, the supplied PhotoCoach International banner with a link directing traffic to PhotoCoach International website (

* The affiliate association will post, when made available, PhotoCoach International educational information on its social media platforms.

* The affiliate association will decide which one of these 2 commission options it prefers.


* Give its members the opportunity to have a 15% discount on their purchases of the PhotoCoach International business material #1.


* Benefit from a fund-raising opportunity for your association.

* In the event of a possible withdrawal for this agreement, the affiliate association will provide us with advanced notice (30 days) on any changes to be made to this agreement.


#1 – PhotoCoach International will offer educational material from other educators. Most often, these educators will offer directly to their clients their own discount rates. PhotoCoach International cannot offer to you an additional commission on those individual sales made by these educators.

Steps to become an affiliate partner

* Register on this webpage confirming your desire to participate with the name of your association, the person responsible, contact email and your logo.

* PhotoCoach International will provide a banner from PhotoCoach International. Post it on the association website within 3 days.

* Post a message of your new affiliation with PhotoCoach International on your social media platforms. A sample message will be provided.

* Visit your private link to the PhotoCoach International affiliate program webpage to familiarize yourself with the commission process.

* This link will be sent to you with your confirmation email.

That’s it!

Thank you


 And we will provide you with the complete information kit that includes the PhotoCoach International material to be placed on your website.