Why do we solicit you for our affiliate program?


You have a direct connection with professional photographers. Also, you are well recognized in the professional community.

Which type of affiliation is best for you?

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Professional Photography Associations

Your mission is helping your members develop their craft and business skills. Directing them towards the best educational channels fulfills this commitment. This will also ensure a constant growth of your association, year after year.

Industry players and suppliers 

 Your job is to provide professional photographers with the best equipment or service options available. It’s also important to help them improve their own business and technical skills. This way, your clients develop a strong bond with you, make more money and in turn, buy more from you. That will guarantee growth, increase loyalty and more money for your company.

Industry Influencer

People look up to you because of all the experience you share through your teachings and products. You have a good database of followers who believe in what you bring to the industry as being a way to increase their creative talent and in turn, their profitability.

You wish to raise the level of Value in professional photography.

You are looking for a passive income source.

What is the PhotoCoachOnline CORE System

After creating the PhotoCoach business system and sharing it with over 1400 photographers in North America and Europe through live workshops, we’ve decided to go online by modifying the content into a video format in addition with practical exercises to facilitate implementation and comprehension.

6 separate modules of the “Core” System

1: Showing Value

2: Making More Money

3: Getting Clients

4: Selling your work

5: Keeping your Clients Forever

6: Be Organized


 And we will provide you with the complete information kit that includes the PhotoCoach International material to be placed on your website.


Charles Van Den Ouden, Ontario, Canada

Photographer, Teacher

Danielle Fried, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Anna Beaudry, British Columbia, Canada