Are you a true artist?


You don’t have to be in photography to be an artist.

Inspiration comes from everywhere. Just recently, my wife and I were looking for
someone to sharpen our kitchen knives.

How does that link to photography?

Stay with me!

An internet search presented different options in our area. We had the choice
between a hardware store offering a sharpening service or find a local craftsman
who is a sharpening professional.

An address, outside the commercial sector of the city, tells me that this craftsman
works from his home. Restricted hours, limited accessibility. This is a sign that says a lot.

For us, the day includes multiple stops and we need to get back home faster than
expected because I have a Skype meeting with a client. So, we plan on dropping
off the knives and we come back to get them later.

Except that life has a way of presenting special experiences. Pay attention Andre!

As we entered the basement workshop of this man, we realized that here was a true blade connoisseur; he showed us how much the human touch raises the level of value, sets one apart from the crowd while creating a loyal clientele.

  • A impeccably clean environment put us in confidence
  • Tools meticulously placed
  • A few rocking chairs for customers to relax while waiting to be served

A smiling gentleman who asks us to wait a few minutes, because he is serving another lady

First impression counts a lot!

Instantly, we knew this was a special place. I look at my lady and said:
“We are not dropping off our knives. We have to live this experience, the quiet yet vibrant energy in this shop is just magic.”

Now, stop reading.

Close your eyes and recall a similar experience where you felt something special when meeting a service provider. I’m sure you have one in mind.

How did you feel? Did you talk about this special moment with friends and family?

Are you going to remember this person?

Of course you will; just as we do.

Artists are not only in the visual arts.

This artist provided a very special moment with an extraordinary “joie de vivre.”
He confirmed the importance of taking good care of his clients, yes, by his technical
expertise, but especially by his warmth and charm.

Many know me; it does not take much for me to draw a close parallel with
professional photography. You follow … This is the link.

I will keep this experience in mind for a very long time and I will often share it
during my workshops and coaching sessions.

This is what creates a brand. This is what creates a clientele that will keep returning.

This is what a photographer has to do to set himself or herself apart from the

That’s undeniable proof that value still has a place in the decision process of clients
who seek special treatment. Photography is an art and true artists will go the extra
mile (km) beyond the technique and an alleged goal of making money.

Believe in the importance of what you bring to the lives of each of your clients.

Andre Amyot

Andre Amyot, otherwise known as the PhotoCoach, offers his training and coaching services to professional photographers since the year 2000. Before this, he was the owner of one of the largest commercial studios in Quebec, Canada for 25 years. His business generated more than $1,8 million sales. Today, Andre offers a new Photocoach online Business System. It delivers to professional photographers the much needed solutions to reach their own level of success.

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