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Because it will allow you to match your passion with the concept of making profits. Profits are essential in making a good living while sharing your talent.


The True Reward for a Professional Photographer

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Creativity is at the core of the spirit of any artist.

Often the reward lies in the appreciation of your talent. As a professional artist with a mission of sharing your art and providing a quality of life for your family. A commercial appreciation comes from money earned and from becoming a recognized trademark.

Talent carries the responsibility of bringing value to your customers to a point where they feel secure in investing in your creativity.

Beyond creativity, the true reward for a professional photographer is a different eBook which focuses on creating a sincere perception of value; it is the first element when comes time to pricing and selling to a qualified clientele.

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Survival is no longer based on creating pretty pictures.

If photographers wish to make a great living, they need to focus their lenses on value building and marketing.

Digital photography has given us so many more opportunities and challenges.

“How we face them will determine if we live or survive as a professional photographer”

“As a talented artist, your responsibility is to share your work while making the world a better place. This new eBook, reveals so many ways to invest your talent in creating value as in finding a true balance between the artist and the business person ” 

Andre Amyot

Photographer, Teacher, Author and Coach

To price your work for profits

To get clients who can afford your services

To set yourself apart from the ever increasing competition

To focus your energies on a market that is profitable

To reduce the amount of time you spend at work, to enjoy life.

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