Is your instinct guiding you correctly?

Could your instincts become a thinking process for you?

Here is how the Webster dictionary defines the word instinct:
“a largely inheritable and unalterable tendency of an organism to make a complex and
specific response to environmental stimuli without involving reason.”

Really, without involving reason!

We’ve all made moves based solely on instinct throughout our lives. Were they the
best moves? Only experience tells but if you give it a second thought, is it the best
way to design our lives, our career?

Here is how I see it.

At first, most of my projects have been based on instinct. However, because
everyone has a different tolerance towards risk, the need for some form
of security kicks in.

This is when reason takes over because we want our project to be successful.

Therefore, planning must be part of it. We want our family to benefit from the
returns. We want our quality of life to improve. No one starts a project to downgrade his life.

The reason develops into due diligence.

What does that do?

It becomes your career GPS. It’s your roadmap towards a higher level of success. It’s
your traffic light system.

It’s your process to confirm the value of each of your projects.

So create your own process. Find the right source. Stick to it. The results will
procure a feeling of satisfaction.


Andre Amyot, otherwise known as the PhotoCoach, offers his training and coaching services to professional photographers since the year 2000. Before this, he was the owner of one of the largest commercial studios in Quebec, Canada for 25 years. His business generated more than $1,8 million sales. Today, Andre offers a new Photocoach online Business System. It delivers to professional photographers the much needed solutions to reach their own level of success.

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