9 key questions all clients should ask themselves before hiring an amateur


Day after day, we see photographers post on social media, messages of desperation after experiencing the loss of a job to an amateur photographer.

In the previous blog, I covered what represents VALUE between an amateur and a Pro. With the first article, you should have all the tools to create your own response the next time you are faced with such a challenge. I don’t suggest you use all 16 reasons as you will overkill the argumentation.

Just pick the ones that corresponds to your sense of VALUE.

Now is time to bring your prospects to the reality of making the wrong decision by hiring an amateur.

  1. What will your employer think of you if the results are less than expected?
  2. What will be the impact of your brand if the images that represent you are of less quality? How much is that worth?
  3. How will you feel if the images are not the level of quality anticipated? Most often, the images are irreplaceable.
  4. What will your own clients think if they see your brand / image take a drop in value? Will they feel like doing business with you again?
  5. How much is the total budget of the event? What % would photography take in your budget to insure you create a message that the event was a huge success.
  6. What impact will this have on future events and the interest in participating again.
  7. What will be left after the event? The images that represent it. Will they be at the same level of value as the event itself?
  8. At the end of the day, what kind of image are you left with to portray of the event?
  9. Finally, what will it cost you and your company not to hire a Pro?

Discussion with the client…

  • A Pro will create images for “your” needs. People are looking for great images because we are inundated with pictures today. To be noticed, great images will do the trick, pictures will not.
  • Don’t take a gamble especially when you have invested a lot of time and money in preparing the event. Hire a person who knows what to do, how to respond exactly to your needs, how to behave, what to deliver and when.
  • Yes, there is an investment to be made but how much is your peace of mind worth?
  • Is it an expense or an investment?
  • A Pro is accountable just as you are.

Peace of mind is Why you pay for a professional photographer.


Andre Amyot, otherwise known as the PhotoCoach, offers his training and coaching services to professional photographers since the year 2000. Before this, he was the owner of one of the largest commercial studios in Quebec, Canada for 25 years. His business generated more than $1,8 million sales. Today, Andre offers a new Photocoach online “Core” Business System. It delivers to professional photographers the much needed solutions to reach their own level of success.

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