How do you Value your Work?


A few days ago, a Facebook post grabbed my attention. “Many organizations do not budget for professional photography anymore.”

Why is that? How can we fight back? How can we “fix” the perception that professional photography does not carry enough value to pay for it?

This is how I first responded:
“Can anyone tell me how they value their professional photography services versus amateur’s?”

After reading a few replies, knowing very well many photographers would not exactly know how to respond, here is my 2 part response.
You can pick anyone one or many to suit your particular situation when someone challenges you with the “We don’t have the budget for…”

Part 1: Let’s see what the difference is between hiring an amateur versus a Pro:

16 ways a Pro offers more VALUE than amateurs:

1. An amateur takes a picture. A Pro creates a unique product.
2. An amateur has basic knowledge of photography and works within her or his level of competence. A Pro educates herself or himself continuously to improve their level of competence and provide more value to clients.
3. An amateur snaps a picture. A Pro knows where to be, when to take the shot.
4. An amateur snaps a picture. A Pro knows how to handle sensitive situations to be less intrusive and respectful of the event. How many times have you seen an amateur try to be the star of the event, when it should be the people making the event?
5. An amateur takes thousands of pictures and burns them to a drive, leaving the hard work of editing to the client. A Pro knows how to edit for the right images to create the full story and delivers a final product suitable for the needs.
6. An amateur can be lucky and get a great picture. A Pro is like a top-level athlete, she or he has trained for years to produce the same high-quality results time over time.
7. An amateur snaps a picture. A Pro creates a story because he or she asked the right questions to fully understand the importance of the project for the client.
8. An amateur gives files away for little or no money. A Pro provides before during and after sales services because he or she is selling the next job.
9. If the job is not well done, an amateur says “I’m sorry” and disappears. A Pro stands to lose her or his reputation.
10. An amateur shows up for the event. A Pro understands the purpose and value of the event for the client.
11. An amateur, shows up whenever, sends you the files whenever he or she has the time. A Pro shows up on time, delivers on time because she or he is concerned about developing a client for life.
12. An amateur comes as is. A Pro knows how to dress for the occasion and fits in the crowd by his professionalism and stature.
13. An amateur can miss the zenith of the event. A Pro stays and waits for the impact full moment because he or she knows when it will happen by experience.
14. An amateur delivers raw images. A Pro knows what the client wants as a final product and delivers files or printed images that fit the client’s needs.
15. An amateur creates a high level of risk of not having the right results. A Pro guarantees her or his work. That’s the biggest benefit for hiring the right person for the job. Peace of mind.
16. A Pro is accountable just as all clients are to someone or to their organization. An amateur comes and goes.

Photography is a profession of numerous skills. Not just snapping the shutter!

Watch for my next blog, Part 2, where I give you 9 key questions all clients should ask themselves before hiring an amateur.


Andre Amyot, otherwise known as the PhotoCoach, offers his training and coaching services to professional photographers since the year 2000. Before this, he was the owner of one of the largest commercial studios in Quebec, Canada for 25 years. His business generated more than $1,8 million sales. Today, Andre offers a new Photocoach online “Core” Business System. It delivers to professional photographers the much needed solutions to reach their own level of success.

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