Part one


We love summer for what it is but also for the art symposiums we get to visit each summer in our area.

My wife and I go to these events for 2 reasons:

1: Obviously to view beautiful art.

2: The other reason; we are seeking an experience, a “Coup de Coeur”.  A moment when Mimi and I look at each other and we know this could end up in the purchase of an art piece.

Personally, what we are also looking for, is harmony in style. Continuity in a creative process. An experience! 

What do we mean by experience?

  • One provided by the art piece itself; it has to be beautiful, of course, based on our own creative tastes and feelings.
  • It has to be very different from what we see in other booths. An original piece.
  • It has to show a balanced sense of creativity. By this we mean, rules governing composition are known and obeyed, creative use of medium and a strong and persistent impact.
  • Finally, the artist has to have a story concerning her or his creative process.

Now in such shows there are many, many artists with similar styles. Little or no power of attraction.

We just walk by them.

So, let’s compare!

Lots of photographers have similar styles and many without a true story to tie together their style, the creative process and the end product. Hardly any research in style to stand out.

Your website is… a symposium of art where one person only is featured. You!

Therefore, when potential clients visit your web site, they will seek to live a visual experience as well.

What makes you stand out from the dozen other photographers in your area?


Professional photography has changed a lot. This means, whoever is seeking your help, has a special moment in their life and they want something special. Or else, this person will use her smartphone and take the shot!

A different image. An original style. A memorable life experience with you.

This is what carries the value art buyers are looking for. And often, price becomes secondary.

And for my wife and I, when all these points come together, we are very tempted to make a purchase to be displayed in our home in a permanent form.

So, ask yourself:

  1. does your style stand out from this crowded environment?
  2. What is your unique story?
  3. What kind of experience will your client live by connecting with you?

These questions should generate a thinking process if you are looking to improve your business because, this is how people buy art. Photography is art.

Something to display proudly not just to keep on a jump drive or a computer screen.

I invite you to reflect on that thought.

My name is Andre Amyot and I bring moments of reflection to professional photographers.