Who needs a Rolex?

If you just need a watch, WHY buy a Rolex?

Don’t buy a Mercedes if all you need is a car.

If you are hungry for seafood, a good piece of beef, or maybe the best veggie meal in town, why would you ever go to a fancy restaurant that will cost you an arm and a leg?

You can get cheaper options everywhere.

What’s the difference between a need and a want?

People may need a time piece but what entices them to purchase a Rolex?

  • A Rolex is a status symbol.
  • Drive, sit in a Mercedes and you’ll know why it feels different.
  • The chef is a fancy restaurant is appreciated for his recipes, his style, the story behind the complete experience.

Rolex buyers, Mercedes owners or epicureans indulge in these luxury items because, above all, they know they will experience something totally different than what is offered by cheaper options.

Your potential clients may need photographs to cover a special event but why should they hire to you?

What are your clients looking for when they call you?

A series of photographs or maybe a unique experience that starts with a powerful story how you qualify as the artist capable of delivering an original piece of art that corresponds to their wants.

I don’t want to waste your time…

… on telling you HOW to create your own brand. Just Google “how to create a powerful brand”, you will get multiple responses. Pick the one that best resonates with you.

Instead, I want to refer to a very recent PPA survey conducted to understand the customer’s behaviors in purchasing photography. This survey proves without any doubt the value behind a strong brand.

Do you know what influence buyers the most?

  1. The facility of working with the photographer: 85%
  2. The experience of the photographer: 80%
  3. Photography style: 76%
  4. The personality of the photographer: 74%

 Can you see how all these items refer to your brand?

  • The way you connect with people,
  • Does your story relates to their story,
  • Is your photography style different from your immediate competition,
  • Make your personality is part of your brand.

The rest of the list of reasons refers mostly to the technical aspects of the trade and product / services offered.

Still think the quality of your images, your pricing, your website or the number of Facebook likes matter?

Think again.

In conclusion, here is what you need to do NOW!

  • Create your own story. Make it resonate with your client’s.
  • Research how you can develop your own brand that will be different from your competitors closest to you.
  • Re-evaluate your complete content strategy, how you communicate.

Take the time to invest in your brand.

As a result, qualified clients will come to you for what you represent and not just your price list.

Listen to this video: 

Andre Amyot